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Elo Display Pole Mount Kit

Rear Facing Display Pole Mount Kit, fits for Elo X-Serie

96,00 € HT
Elo magnetic stripe reader

Magnetic stripe reader, fits for Elo X-Serie, Elo IDS, I series,...

75,00 € HT
Elo NFC module

NFC module, fits for: Elo X-Serie, Elo IDS, I-Series, EloPOS

189,00 € HT
Elo Expansion I/O Module

Expansion I/O Module (1 x 12V USB, 1 x USB, 2 x RS-232, 1 x Ethernet,...

93,00 € HT
Elo Wall Mount, Kit

Wall mount bracket kit for 5501L, 7001LT

264,00 € HT
Elo stylus, PCAP

Stylus touchpen for PCAP Systems

9,00 € HT
Elo Touch Pen

Stylus for IntelliTouch/iTouch

16,00 € HT
Elo staus light, USB

Staus light, micro USB, indicator light (red, green), fits for:...

41,00 € HT
Elo Wallaby Self-Service stand, Countertop

Wallaby Self-Service Stand, Countertop, supports the following...

317,00 € HT
Elo Wallaby Self-Service stand, floor extension

Wallaby Self-Service Stand floor extension, order separately: Elo...

528,00 € HT
Elo Table Top Stand, high

Elo Table Top Stand, high, fits for: 22I1, X series

61,00 € HT
Elo Wallaby Self-Service Floor Stand Top

Elo Wallaby Self-Service Floor Stand Top, supports the following...

602,00 € HT
Elo Wallaby Self-Service Floor Base

Elo Wallaby Self-Service Floor Base

110,00 € HT
Elo barcode reader

Barcode reader, Micro USB, 1D, fits for: X-Series

76,00 € HT
Elo RAM, 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz, SODIMM

Elo RAM upgrade, 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz, SODIMM, fits for: X-Series Rev B...

202,00 € HT
Elo privacy screen

Privacy screen, fits fir: 22'' 02/03 series

187,00 € HT
Elo EloPos Pack, SSD, noir

PC booksize, Intel Core i5, 3,5 GHz, RAM: 8 Go, SSD: 128 Go, USB...

1 262,00 € HT
Elo EloPos Pack, SSD, 10 IoT Enterprise, noir

PC booksize, Intel Core i5, 3,5 GHz, RAM: 8 Go, SSD: 128 Go, USB...

1 410,00 € HT
Elo EloPos Pack, SSD, 10 IoT Enterprise, noir

PC booksize, Intel Core i3, 3,1 GHz, RAM: 8 Go, SSD: 128 Go, USB...

1 199,00 € HT
Elo PayPoint Plus for iPad, LCM, Scanner (2D), blanc

système PDV, 32,8 cm (12,9''), USB, RS232 (2x), connecteur...

1 372,00 € HT
Elo Power-over-Ethernet (POE) module

Power-over-Ethernet (POE) module, 89.2 x 89.2 x 20.5 mm, incl.:...

91,00 € HT
Elo barcode scanner, 2D

Barcode scanner, 2D (N3680), fits for: I-Series, -02 IDS Series,...

205,00 € HT
Elo Hand Strap

Hand strap, fit for: M50

38,00 € HT
Elo M50, 2D, SE4710, USB-C, BT, WiFi, NFC, en kit, GMS, RB, noir, Android

portable data collection device, touch monitor, retail/industry,...

741,00 € HT
Elo USB hub

USB hub, incl.: mounting bracket, fits for: I series Windows 2.0

63,00 € HT
Elo adaptor kit

100mm Adaptor Kit

9,00 € HT
Elo M.2 SSD, 256 GB

Elo M.2 SSD, 256 GB, fits for: Elo I-series (Windows 2.0)

131,00 € HT
Elo wall mount

Wall mount, kit, fit for: I-Series 3.0, I-Series 2.0 (Android)

65,00 € HT
Elo pole mount kit, 12''

12'' pole mount kit, fits for: 1002L, 1502L, 2002L, 10I1, 15I1, 22I1,...

114,00 € HT
Elo mPOS Flip Stand, white

Flip Stand, VESA: 75/100 mm, max. dimensions for printer (D/W/H):...

261,00 € HT